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The hippodamian grid town planning was conceived in Greater Greece and in Sicily between the end of the 8th century .C. and and the 4th century A.D. Archaeological and cultural historical guided tours of Agrigento.

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The Hellenistic and Roman quarter of Agrigento

Museum Agrigento

It was excavated in the Fifties by archaeologist Pietro Griffo and it is located next to the Upper Agorà by the present archaeological museum. It covers 15000 mq. and shows the remains of 20 large houses where about 300 people could live.

Houses were arranged according to a grid town planning.

Today you can see the remains dating from the Roman time.

In the middle of some houses you find a squared courtyard. There are also houses with a courtyard by the main entrance. The floors of the main rooms were often decorated with mosaics and walls by frescoes. Those houses surely belonged to wealthy people and show that this was the residential area of the ancient city.

Deep diggings and artefacts have shown that area was inhabited since the 6th century B.C. till the 7th century A.D.


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