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The Valley of the Temples of Agrigento

It’s the most visited museum of Sicily and it was opened in 1967.

Artefacts are exhibited in a chronological order and according to the sites where they were found.

Prehistory is represented by the artefacts which used to belong to the Sicans who were living in the area when Aegean people started to arrive in bronze age (about 15th century B.C.). There you would find the oldest trinacria ever found on the island and which is even today the symbol of Sicily. The collection of Greek Attic pottery is great and you will be impressed by the standing Telamon and the famous Ephebo or Boy of Agrigento.

Next to the museum you can see the remains of the former chamber of deputies, that is the Ekklesiasterion, the so called Oratory of Phalaris and St. Nicholas church.

If you are interested in archaeology we advice you to take a guided tour with us.

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