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There live about 10000 people.

It’s located 15 km away from Agrigento on the way to Palermo.

It takes about 20 minute drive from Agrigento.

The town was founded in 1600 by Count Baldassare Naselli from Comiso who then became Prince and who built his own palace in Aragona.

In 1872 the Palace of the Prince became home for orphans


Religious celebrations and Fairs

A SAGRA DU TAGANU is dedicated to a local dish based on pasta which is cooked in a special pan.

It takes place on the first Saturday after Easter.



Just outside Aragona you find an exceptional example of sedimentary volcanism that is the expelling, extruding, or breaking through of overlying formations by a mixture of sediment, water, and gas, driven by the gas under pressure.

The landscape and the atmosphere of the site makes you feel like if you were on the Moon.

The name comes from an Arabic word maq-lub which means upside down. Now and then the land of Maccaube site goes upside down and that has given birth to a legend according to which once on the same spot there used to be a town.

Even today in Middle East (Jordan, Syria) this word is used to call a Bedouin dish.


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